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Forgot I had this site still…until yahoo kindly reminded me I had to pay for it. Thanks yahoo smh. Alot of shit is different since I was posting regularly, but really alot of shit is pretty much is still the same. So I don’t really know what to write. I wish I could write about how big my new mansion is, how fast my new lambo is, or how shiny my grammy is, but I can’t. At least Im alive, and healthy.

Oh well… Hopefully I’ll get in the habit of posting more. WordPress is on like 3.5.1, Im super behind. Moving on… ┬áHere is a dope youtube beat making/singing video or what ever the fuck you call it, Im feeling. I posted this same broad like 3 posts down. Guess she still making dope shit.


I haven’t posted here in about a month. Probably during the thanksgiving holiday ill take a hour or 2 and do a series of updates with photos. Things been busy and random as fuck!


first try

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First thing I made on the Maschine. The usual quick flip. The work flow on that thing is fairly decent. Only thing that annoys me is the tap/note repeat button lettering/print, is already starting to rub off.



I’m still on that lana del ray shit hard. I’m straight as a arrow, and I’m far as fuck from being a hipster, I just happen to like what I like. Her work is simply good. Most people are gonna talk shit, but after listening to more of her stuff, I think her voice is up to par, or will exceed Beth Gibbon’s of Portishead one day. Lana is basically a version of Beth, both are depressing as fuck, but lana is on some sort of uppers, rather than downers like beth. She’s basically taking her meds as the doctor prescribed.

The vocals on this shit are nice, can’t really relate to the lyrics though since I’m not a girl. This is my last post about this broad. I’m borderline fanboy smh.